August 03, 2009

What's in Season - August

The month of August has snuck up on me! I love the summer and fall months for the fresh fruits and vegetables. Thanks to my Good Housekeeping Cookbook I am able to find out not only how to use fruits and vegetables, but when their peak season is. Here are some local fruits and veggies in thier peak season in August.

Photos courtesy of Google Images
1. Shell Beans
2. Peaches (Utah peaches are delicious - I can't wait to buy me a box)
3. Wax Beans
4. Cantaloupe
5. Corn
6. Plums
7. Honeydew
8. Currants
9. Beets
10. Nectarines
11. Tomatoes
12. Summer Squash
13. Watermelon

Enjoy your local fruits and vegetables from your farmers market!


hannah said...

AWESOME post! I am going to search out some recipes using these in-season items! Thanks!!

jessica said...

I love this post! I'm always curious about what's in season... thank you!

jeri said...

I can't wait to bottle more spaghetti sauce, I love fresh tomatoes!