April 02, 2010

Hello Spring Celebration!

I love spring. Everything is fresh, new, exciting. There is warmer weather (it will come, I have faith), picnics, shorts, kites, and pastel colors. I love all the produce that is in season.

To celebrate the new season (and finishing my final), all this month I will be sharing new recipes, products, restaurants, etc.

Now, these things may not be new in general, but they are new to me. There will be some great giveaways, reviews, and tasty treats for you to try.

For the recipes I am going to be making things I have never made before or use ingredients I have never tried before. If they flop, I will still share them, so you can learn from my mistakes.
We will be starting next Monday - so check back daily to see what is new and fresh that day! I am so excited! Are you?

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Hannah said...

I'll be here! Woot!