April 29, 2010

Help Whip Cancer!

Cancer stinks. I have seen far too many people suffer from the effects of it - whether from their own diagnosis or that of a family members. We have it in our family. If I had an extra billion dollars hanging around, I would give it to Cancer research. Far too many people have suffered because of it.

Pampered Chef is doing a great campaign in May and I wanted to give you a little preview. In honor of Mother's Day, they want us to celebrate the women in our lives, and help cure cancer. As we know, Pampered Chef has some great products; but starting in May, they have some products that will "Help Whip Cancer!"

(I love the name!) For every product you buy, Pampered Chef donates money to the American Cancer Society. More money = more research = moving closer to a cure.

These Pink & White Dots Martini Glasses are just one of the adorable products you can buy to Help Whip Cancer!
My Pink Chocolate Mousse (in honor of the campaign) is setting up in the fridge as we speak (read, write, whatever). I will be posting the recipe later today!

Pampered Chef sent me a sample of their products so I could help promote their campaign. I was honored to help promote such a wonderful cause!

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Emily said...

I absolutely LOVE those martini glasses, and I've been looking for some to keep for special occasions (and non-alcoholic treats). These would be fabulous!