June 23, 2010

One of Those Days

I am having one-of-those-days. I am sorry for my lack of real posts. I was going to do a real post earlier today. I really was. Sorry 'bout that. We are moving in less than a month and we don't have a place yet. I worked from 9-5 at a doctor's office then came home and had to work a night shift from 10 pm to 6 am. I was going to nap but my baby has been awake for 2 hours crying with teething. She's sad. I can't sleep. I should have done some homework if I was going to be awake. But no. I just layed awake in bed wishing I wasn't.

I was asked to submit a recipe and picture to a magazine. Wow! That's so nice. Then I was invited to go to evo'10. I am hoping to find someone to babysit, but the last minute notice is killing me. I am a little overwhelmed. I will try to get everything back in order. I promise to have a real post soon.

Thanks for reading -- love you!

PS - my sister took a picture of me, so I finally have one on the blog!


Emily said...

Love the new photo--you look absolutely beautiful! And that poster is priceless. It seems when it rains it truly pours. I hope you get a little time to breathe. I was invited to EVO at the last minute too but decided the stress of finding a babysitter (and leaving my family after making a goal to spend more time with them) wasn't worth it. ;)

Christina said...

I'm exhausted just reading your post! How do you handle everything??? My hat is off to you! I love your picture too-beautiful!

Sarah said...

Emily - thanks for the comment. Makes me feel better about not going. I guess that's my "scream" :)

Christina - thanks. Survive mode - that's how I do it.

kami @ no biggie said...

I love that picture of you, it's darling! Good luck with all that's hitting you all at once. When it rains it pours, right? I will be at EVO, so if you decide to come, text me.

Emily said...

Wow Sarah, take a breather as soon as you can. You deserve it. I hate feeling stretched like that. I hope you feel less overwhelmed very soon.

And I also love the picture. You look so much like your mom with that haircut.

vanessa said...

that is SO exciting, tell us when you can about the magazine.

just breathe, we will be here when you are back!

Beatnheart said...

Dear Redhead, Thank you so much for becoming a follower on my blog...how cool is that..Your picture is cute! you are adorable.. I look forward to following you and your recipes...I’m not the greatest cook and I tend to stick to the same stuff but I try.