May 20, 2009

About Me

I come from a long line of great cooks. I gained a passion for baking and cooking at a young age watching my mom. When I was a young teenager I decided I wanted to become a chef. I practiced making whatever recipe I could find. When I realized that being a chef meant always working when others were playing–nights, weekends, and holidays–I changed my path. So I headed to health care and am now a labor and delivery nurse-working nights, weekends and holidays. Go figure. Most recently, I am a mom of a little girl who is the apple of my pie.
Although I didn't end up in culinary school, food has remained a passion. I love adapting new and old recipes, experimenting on my husband (who doesn't mind at all).


Anonymous said...

Sarah, just watch out for rotten grapes. Those are one of the worst things out there ;)

[eeny] said...

Love your new hair cut, Sarah.
I am thinking about getting bangs for soooo long now but I haven't been brave enough.