July 31, 2009

Chicken Sausage Sandwich

This is a delicious and easy sandwich. I actually bought all my ingredients at Costco - but any variety will do.

Chicken Sausage Sandwich
1 chicken sausage link
1 demi-bagette, sliced and toasted
mozzerella cheese
1 tsp dijion mustard

Collect Ingredients: good crusty bread - I used a demi-bagette, chicken sausage (mine was a cheese and sundried tomato variety), mozzarella (or any good melting cheese), lettuce, and tomato. Slice your bread in half.

Remove some of the bread inside, brush with oil (or if your in a hurry like me, spray with cooking spray) and place under broiler until golden brown. Add cheese, and place back under broiler. Meanwhile, cook sausage until cassing is crispy and center is warm.

Assemble. The sausage fit so neatly into the hollowed bread - was nice to not have it slip and slide around.

I am a purist and don't like too many sauces on my sandwiches. However, this was delicious with just a hint of your favorite dijion mustard.

Mmm... ooey gooey cheese.

PS - do you like this size picture or the bigger ones?


Hannah said...

I think I like the bigger ones...

That sandwich looks delish!

Unknown said...

fun sandwich...I am liking the bigger pics too!