September 18, 2009

Going Around, Saving Lives

For this story you will need a little background:
1 - I am a nurse which means I put on and take off a lot of gloves.
2 - I have heard lots of stories of diamonds being lost in gloves, on the floor, etc.
3 - I don't wear my wedding ring to work, just this plain silver band.
4 - Tuesday night I was running late to work and forgot to switch out my wedding ring. I just took it off and locked it in my locker. My husband, AC, was going to drop off the band for me after his meeting that night.
Okay, now we can move on to the good part.

Yesterday I put Lou down for her second nap, which is when I nap (when I work a night shift). She rarely fuses, but when she does - it doesn't last long. I noticed she wasn't falling asleep, just talking away happily in her bed. Normally, I do not intervene, she's not even upset. But yesterday I thought, "I'm just going to go give her her pacifier." So, I went in and she had flipped herself around so her feet were where her head was and visa versa (a common occurrence). I pulled the blankets off her head and she gave me her adorable toothless, open-mouthed grin. This time there was something different - a small silver glimmer. I quickly pulled it out - it was my silver band. AC couldn't find it earlier when I asked (he wasn't able to bring it for me on Tuesday). Apparently when he got her out of bed Tuesday night, it had fallen out of this shirt pocket and into her crib.
So I texted AC to tell him the funny story - what a random place to find it. Then, as I was typing away on my phone, I realized, "If I didn't go in and she choked, I would have just thought she fell asleep. My baby could be dead, and I wouldn't know it for two hours." I was overwhelmed. I welled up. Call it coinscidence or luck (it's not), call it mother's intuition (it kind of is) - but I know there was some Divine Intervention!
My great aunt coined it best, "Motherhood is simply - goin' around, savin' lives!"


Steph said...

Oh my! That is so scary. And a blessing that you went it there. I am glad to see it all worked out okay.

Hil said...

oh my goodness! that is terrifying. i am always so thankful when I listen to those kind of promptings... especially the kind that you don't realize were promptings until after the fact!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Wowzer! That is for sure inspired! What a little cutie!