November 14, 2009

Winner Winner!

So I am not a lucky person. I enter many giveaways, drawings, etc and never win. Well, back at my first Social Media Retreat, I did win! I won a pair of Sorel boots of my picking. After much deliberation, I decided my husband needed winter boots more than I did. So we picked these.

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AC loves them. Very warm, waterproof, and stylish! Not much else you could ask for. I also love the removable interior in case they get wet from the top or stinky from the inside you can take them out for faster drying or washing.
And perfect timing - today is his birthday! Happy Birthday Hubby! Love you!


vanessa said...

oh thats right! You and Camille did! My dh loves is sorel boots too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning a great prize. I am sure you deserve it or your husband does. Happy birthday to him.