June 10, 2010

Berry Berry Kix

Sorry for my lack of posting. I have started doing some clinical hours for my class and had 16 hours of that plus work plus homework plus life so... sorry.

Almost every week before I go grocery shopping I ask my husband if there is anything he wants me to get at the grocery store. The answer is always, "Berry Berry Kix!" (He's such a kid!) Do you guys remember that cereal? I could never find it. No grocery store I ever went to had it. So I did a little research and found it at Target. So if you ever want to buy them, that's where they are. Thank you Target, my husband was a very happy man!


Hannah said...


Oats is so funny.

But...that cereal. Ick. Fake berry flavor doesn't do it for me. Neither does the magenta-colored milk.

Emily said...

KC is the same way. He always wants goldfish, handi-snacks, or string cheese. Sometimes those childhood favorites never get old.

And nice picture. Ha!

Jill K said...


I can feel the love.

Amy Snell said...

Thats funny!! They should change their slogan to "kid tested, husband approved" :P

Bliss said...

Give me Marshmallow Mateys!