July 13, 2010

12 on 12 July

I was inspired by Miranda to do this 12 on 12 project. I have wanted to do it in the past, I just didn't take the time to do it. July was my month - I was going to do it. Unfortunately, my 12th was pretty mundane. But it's fun to see what people's "everyday"s are like.

1. Prepare to get some cleaning done: give her two graham crackers and maybe I will have enough time to do some dishes.
2. Nope. She wanted to help unload the dishwasher.
3. Didn't get much done during Lou's awake time, but during her nap I was quite productive. I made some cards using some new stamps I got with my sister.
4. Finally! I clean sink. (I am embarrassed to say it had been a couple days.)
5. My simple lunch - "baked" (nuked) potato with fat-free sour cream and steamed broccoli.
6. Lou woke up, time for some errands. I have a secret love for office supply stores.
7. Deliver said cards and others to the post office - don't you love getting real mail? By the way, that's my husband's hairy arm.
8. Lou was so great to run so many errands with me. Yes, she is a finger sucker.
9. Meet Mr. Recipes. We picked him up from work. He always makes us laugh.
10. Dinner - a variation on this pasta
11. She does this every bath, lines up all the different ducks (Papa knows what his granddaughter loves)
12. Apple Crisp and a movie to finish  up the day.


Hannah said...

Cute cards. Darling baby. ooh...pens! Apple Crisp without me?

Miranda said...

Mailing your cards on the same day you made them? That is something I have yet to actually accomplish. That is one cute little girl you have there.

amy gretchen said...

i love to see what everyone's "everyday" looks like. So glad you are participating.

The pasta and apple crisp look so good. may have to try it for myself. thanks.

Vanessa said...

I thought that I was weird getting excited over office supplies... back-to-school shopping was always my favorite part of the summer growing up. Now I know that others share my passion for new pens, highlighters, and fresh notebooks :)

anna said...

Love it! My sister and I created a 12 on 12 every month for two years. We love it.

You have amazing pictures. You managed to capture all the moments very artistically.

I love office supplies too! Tee hee