August 27, 2010

The Anniversary Gift

So last week I mentioned I had a great gift for my husband. Well, it has to do with the song I sang him for our wedding, "I Will" by the Beatles.
My friend Alma is an amazing graphic designer (not like the graphic designer where someone designs a blog and then calls themselves an graphic designer - she is a true artist!). She had this print I immediately knew I had to give to AC. It has the words from the song I sang to AC at our wedding luncheon. See how great it turned out! It is appropriately hanging above our loveseat. (I took a picture of it before I let AC see it - hence being on the floor). I have to say it was a huge hit - he loved it. In return I got an amazing gift. AC wrote and recorded a song for me. It is the best!

Check out Alma's website and her husband's to see what amazing artists they are!


Hil said...

Awesome gift, seriously love it!

Hannah said...


Camille said...

Symbolic gifts are so much more meaningful. What a great idea - and that Alma really is an amazing artist!

Amanda said...

Perfect gift--I love this song too!