April 18, 2011

Monday Menu

This week seems busy for me, but really it is just the regular-old week. I have two work days so I have to do easy stuff and stuff that transports/reheats well. Saturday is our Easter Bunny day - we save Sunday for the True Meaning of Easter.
I am also trying to keep it semi-simple thanks to a 38 week growing fetus :), my mom coming next week, and two doctors appointments this week.
Here's what we are having (any recommendations for the soup or bunny-shaped meals?):

Monday - Spaghetti
Tuesday - Soup
Wednesday - Breakfast foods
Thursday - Turkey Burgers
Friday - Baked Pasta with veggies
Saturday - Something bunny shaped
Sunday - Leg of lamb, rolls, asparagus, scolloped potatoes

What are you having this week?


Christina said...

Monday- Salmon turnovers with caesar salad
Tuesday- Vegetable and Quinoa soup in the crockpot
Wednesday- Spaghetti with spicy meat sauce
Thursday- Black bean and avocado salad with garlic bread
Friday- turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and gravy- it's our holiday meal

Black bean soup, broccoli cheese soup and vegetable soup are our favourites. As for the bunny- maybe meatloaf?

Kristen said...

We love the chicken pot pie soup off skinnytaste. My kids devoured it and even the kids we had over that night enjoyed it. As far as bunnys go, maybe mashed potates that look like bunnies with something else like chicken.
Congrats on your last 2 weeks before this baby boy comes!! Can't wait to see him.

Savannah said...

You're amazing for cooking every single day!! And I know Tuesday is over but-We love Guatemala soup over here. ( Did you post about this soup already? )Chicken broth, tomato juice, hominy, shredded chicken, and taco seasoning-it's best with fresh lime juice, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, sr cream, cheese, and chips. It seems fast if I cook the chick in the crock all day or get a rotisserie chicken-you only need to simmer about 20 minutes. Congratulations on baby number 2!! How exciting!!

Sarah said...

Savannah - yes, we have had a similar soup... I did post it awhile ago - we call it Posole. I should have made that. Mmm. It is one of our favorites! Next week!