January 27, 2012

New Years Resolution

Although it is almost February, I thought I would document one of my new years resolutions: to "Say Yes!" In other words, when my husband, children, or friends ask me to do something (as long as it is do-able, safe, etc) the answer is Yes! I want to be more willing, more fun, get myself out doing more. Yes!

Also, if you are still reading my blog,  then you have probably been with me long enough to know my sister, Hannah. She was the one who inspired me to keep a food blog, took me to blogging conferences with her, helped me get started, and most importantly - she gave me confidence that I really could cook well enough to have a food blog. Well, last June she stopped writing on her blog. She had a hard time with that decision, she had a large following, really enjoyed it, but she just knew it was the right thing to do. Because she is my best friend and we are very similar, she talked about it a few times with me before she made her final decision. As she explained that she wanted to spend more time with her family, living her life for her children/husband/self and not for the blog, it just made sense for me too. I shouldn't be thinking, "we can't eat that [a favorite recipe] tonight, I've already posted that recipe!"
Now I am not going to stop blogging, just cutting back. So what it comes down to is I am saying, "yes!" to my family and "yes" to making food for me, and not the blog. I will keep Redhead Recipes more as a place I post some great recipes, whenever they come. I am not going to pressure myself into 3 posts a week - just when they come, they come. I hope that as the posts numbers decrease, the quality will increase. Hannah said it best, "10 years from now, I will not wish that I had written one more post, but I WILL wish that I had read them one more book."

If you'd like, follow me on pinterest - I am always finding great inspiration there. Or add this blog to your reader and be pleasantly surprised when Redhead Recipes pops up occasionally.


Hannah said...

Love you, Sarah. You have it just right. Am following you in my reader, of course, and will be excited for your next, stupendous foodie creation. Enjoy your non-blog-pressured eating.

Torrie and Cassidy said...

Hmm...sounds like someone just watched "Yes Man"! Ha, just kidding! I think saying "yes" to things is a great resolution! :)

melimba said...

I love this plan and whole heartedly (sp?) suppot it! In fact, i'm gonna do the same thing. When Hannah pulled the plug, it made me rethink things too.
You go, girl! I'll be here whenever you decide to post!
Here's to your bright future!
Go, fight, win!

Mindika said...

Sarah, I feel the same way and have also cut back blogging. I totally support you. Glad you're doing well and happy.