February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Lou

My baby turned 1! I can't believe it. This past year went so fast.

My baby butterfly

I had a lot of fun doing her party. I was inspired when I saw this book, Hello Cupcake. They had some beautiful butterflies that looked so fun to make. Of course, they were our first attempt and didn't turn out as good as the book, but I am pretty proud.

What are the cupcakes?:
Wings & antenna - melted chocolate dark and pink (bought at local craft store, pre-colored)
Bodies - 4 brown M&Ms and/or Reese's Peices
Buttercream frosting
Vanilla cupcakes - used this recipe

Tips for assembling:
If you look closely on  some of the butterflies you will notice candies under the wings, this holds them up in flight.
Make extra wings and lots of extra antennas. They may break.

My baby loved them. Can you tell? 

Dear Lou - thanks for the best year of my life. You have made me such a better person. I love you more each day. You are my favorite girl in the world. Kisses!


jill said...

Happy happy birthday sweet little Lou!!

Darling cupcakes Sar, I love that book too...So many fun ideas!

Love the tutu as well, what a doll!!

Adele said...

very cute cupcakes! They turned out adorable!

~ RM said...

Love the cupcakes- that's what I am doing for my daughter's party this year...
Your baby is adorable!!! That first year sure went by quick for us too, it's hard to believe that soon we'll be celebrating 2 years!
Happy Birthday, Lou!!

Between the Bookends said...

Those cupcakes look soooo yummy!
Congratulations on your baby's milestone!

Anonymous said...

Oh... my... gosh. She is to cute for words.

Camille said...

I have that same cupcake book! Only I haven't ventured to replicate any of them - and if I did, they definitely wouldn't turn out as well as yours did! Kudos!!

Darling little girl, by the way! Looks like she had fun!

Kristen said...

It really has been a year?? Happy Birthday to lou! I love the cupcakes.

Carrian said...

so cute!! Both your little girl and the cupcakes!

Elie's Papel said...

Adorable! hope you get many more years of happiness... have a nice weekend!

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Oh, I love her. It's been too long since I've seen her. Happy 1st B-day to you, too, Mama!

Luisa said...

Happy Birthday! She's an absolute cutie. The cupcakes with the butterflies look adorable.

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

She is a pumpkin. I can't believe how old she's getting! Fun pigtails!