February 19, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

I know it's a little late, but I wanted to share what AC and I had for dinner on Valentine's Day. It is much more fun for us to stay in. (Added bonuses - not worrying about finding a sitter, cheaper, and turned out - this was tastier!)

On our Valentine Menu: Surf and Turf (Ribeye Steak and Shrimp), Roasted Asparagus, Rosette Dinner Rolls, and a Spinach Salad (you can see it in the corner... there was nothing special about it). For dessert we had Lemon Bars. Don't be mad, we didn't have chocolate. But Lemon Bars are my husband's favorite. Stay tuned for all the recipes.
Here is the Surf and Turf for you though:

Steak and Shrimp
2 Ribeye Steaks
3-4 Tbsp Butter
Seasoning Salt
Lemon Pepper
12 shrimp
garlic powder
Lemon Pepper

In a large skillet or grill pan, melt butter. Apply a thin layer or seasoning salt and lemon pepper on the steak, give it a little massage and rub it in. Cook steaks until desired doneness. Let rest for 10 minutes before poking or cutting into it!
Okay, I know that's pretty broad, but it totally depends on how you like your steaks cooked and how thick they are. Here is what I did for a Medium steak: Heat was just between Medium and Medium High. My steaks were 1 inch (ish) thick. And I cooked them for about 5 minutes on both sides. Does that help.
5 minutes after your steak started resting, turn heat back on the skillet to Medium High (don't clean it out, that's good stuff in there!).  Once pan is hot, place shrimp in skillet, stirring for just a minute to pick up those yummy flavors left in the pan. (If it seems kind of dry, add 1 Tbsp of butter.) Flip the shrimp once down side looks white and slightly pink. Remove shrimp as soon as it is white all over.

Okay, more tips: remove your steak from the fridge and bring your steaks to room temperature before cooking - trust me.
Don't move your steak while cooking them except to flip. This gives you nice caramelization. Again, trust me.
If you are a newbie to steak (I am pretty new myself - this was my third steak and my first real success), and are worried about doneness - use a meat thermometer. yes, it is a little poke, but it's much better than cutting a big slice into it.


Kristen said...

looks so good. exactly what i have been craving.

Hannah said...

holy moly! those rolls look amazing.

Frieda said...

Beautiful dinner! Did you know that another name for the rosette rolls are called 'love knots'? Great job!

Emily said...

Wow! That surf and turf looks SO yummy! Definitely have to make that soon!

Jill said...

I usually don't eat red meat, but this steak looks amazing. I love the shrimp sprinkles:)

Maria said...

Glad you enjoyed a nice meal!

Kami said...

That looks so good right now. Good Work!