April 23, 2010

Product Review: ePicnicBaskets

As I said in the last post, today is National Picnic Day! So I hope you are all planning on having a picnic. If it is stormy where you are, lay a picnic blanket in the family room and sit on the floor. Your kids will probably eat more because it is a fun environment!
ePicnicBaskets sent me this basket a few weeks ago and we were so excited when the weather got warmer. The first day possible, I packed up dinner and we headed out the door!

This basket was perfect. It held all our food with plenty of extra room. For dinner I packed declicious hoagie sandwiches (if I do say so myself), oranges, and a Picnic-Friendly Potato Salad. I love that the basket comes with silverware, plates, and a salt a pepper set. That way we don't have to use paper and be a little harder on the environment. If even comes with those adorable napkins. I can't wait to use this with my husband for a romantic date up in the canyon this summer.

ePicnicBaskets have a great selection of traditional baskets, picnic backpacks (great for summer hikes) and tons of other cool picnic accessories - check them out!


Emily said...

I love a good picnic basket. Perhaps if we had a really nice one we'd take more picnics!

Hannah said...

I'm still dreaming of owning a picnic basket. Love yours!

Anonymous said...

Lovely basket. What a lovely way to spend a beautiful day... nibbling from odds and ends tucked into a picnic basket.

Connie said...

So much better than filling grocery bags with picnic supplies!