November 08, 2010


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Well, we made it! After 11+ hours in the plane, Lou and I arrived in Hawaii yesterday. Her calm, sweet personality suffered a little due to the lack of sleep, but really she did wonderfully! (But hey, I wasn't the most pleasant at the end of the day either)
For those who don't know, my parents live here (yes, I know, they think it is rough too). We are here to relax, hit the beach, visit the temple open house, and eat delicious foods. It's funny, my sister, brother, and I were talking about our "must-do's" in Hawaii. All of us mentioned restaurants. Nothing more. I will let you in on some of my adventures here. Plus, my mom and I like to cook together in the kitchen so you won't be without a recipe or two. Just so you can enjoy my surroundings with me: It is 78 degrees, 75% humidity, there is a great breeze; I can hear the kids playing at the school next door, and if you listen - the ocean off in the distance. This place truly is paradise!


Hannah said...

Wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog because I googled how to cook spaghetti squash. Then I checked out your home page and found this post about HI. Your comment about restaurants there stirred up fond memories - I went to Oahu for the first time four years ago and the food options are AMAZING. Native recipes, Asian dishes, seafood, fresh mouth waters just thinking about it. Can't wait to return!

Melanie Flinn said...

Yes, it is paradise. We are living here as well, going on a year and a half. My baked goods often fall apart due to the humidity, but other than that it's paradise!
I've been a follower of yours since last year. Just started checking blogs more regularly again since I started my own 3 months ago!