April 14, 2011


This last week was killer with work. I worked four night shifts last week (I usually work 2). So I was either sleeping or working. So I didn't have time to post, let alone, cook. We ate leftovers and ate out more than one really should. I was pulling the Tired-Night-Shift and the Pregnancy cards all week. Yikes.

I recently got this comment on my blog from Christina, "Artichokes intimidate me - how do you prep and cook them?"

I love Artichokes, one of my favorite veggies ever. I just like foods that are fun to eat. When we were younger, we were always so excited when my mom would come home with artichokes in hand. We would all have our own, and sit around the table talking and pulling leaves through our teeth for at least an hour. Not only was it tasty, but we were having quality time as a family.

Artichokes can be prepared in many ways - roasted, stuffed, but my favorite it just a simple steam.
Cut the thorns off the leaves (like the picture above), place upside down in two inches of salted, boiling water and cook about 20 minutes or until a knife is inserted near the stem and comes out easily. Add a bit of lemon to the water to keep the nice color.  Serve with lemon butter (equal parts lemon juice and butter) or mayo, or your favorite dipping sauce.


Emily said...

Perfect way to fix them!

melimba said...

Okay, are you having insights into my brain? JUST this morning, I told my mom that I needed to start incorporating artichokes into my life. They are delicious and I love them.
Thanks for teaching me how to prepare them!
Oh, and working 4 nights in one week---AND being pregnant? Oh my goodness. Good luck catching up on SLEEP!! You amaze me!

Christina said...

Thank you for this- I'll have to give it a try!