December 03, 2010

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

I love the flavors of mint and chocolate together. Always a classic combo. But I especially love these flavors during the colder weather. These are a simple recipe. You will love this for your busy holiday season. Plus, the cookie bottom is a pleasant surprise!

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes
1 devils food cake mix, prepared according to directions
24 chocolate mint cookies, like Thin Mints (if you are lucky enough to find some)
Buttercream Frosting (recipe to follow)
12 chocolate mint cookies, crushed

Line muffin tin with papers, place one cookie at the bottom of each cupcake tin. Divide batter evenly between the 24 cupcakes. Bake according to directions. Cool completely on cooling rack. Frost with buttercream frosting (I like to add a drop or two of green coloring so people know what to expect). Top with crushed remaining cookies.

Buttercream Frosting
2 sticks butter, room temperature
6 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1-5 Tbsp milk
few drops food coloring (optional)

Make these at St. Patrick's Day too!


Derico Photography said...

This looks SO yummy, I will definitely be trying it! Can I just say though, a long time ago you did a post about mushy cereal and oatmeal and your search for something better. I went to my local Winco, back to their bulk section, and got myself a small bag of those steel cut oats you highlighted. I wanted to come back and tell you THANK YOU! Not only do I love them, but my kids love them too! It's nice that when the choice is either "oatmeal" or your garden variety of sugar frosted cocoa bombs, they now ask me for oatmeal :) So, thanks again!

Julie said...

These look absolutely delicious! I love chocolate/mint combo as well. Especially Marta's Choco Mint Brownies!

P.S. I made your Peppermint Bark for a holiday get-together last night and it was absolutely the hit of the party!

Sarah said...

Derico - I am so glad! They really are so much better!

Julie - I am glad everyone liked it! My favorite part is how easy that is to make!

-nick and whitley- said...

these were SO easy! I just made them for a family Christmas party and they were a HIT! :) Thanks so much!