April 06, 2011

What's in Season - April

I love spring! The warm weather and trips to the park are going to make me and Lou very happy. Some of my favorite fruits and veggies are starting into their peak season. Just yesterday we had some delicious, huge strawberries. As Lou would say, "delicious!" Here are just a few of my favorites.

pictures via google images

What's in Season in April:
Artichokes - love them steamed with a little lemon butter to dip. So fun to eat!
Asparagus - try them roasted!
New potatoes - perfect for Easter dinner
Strawberries - delicious on steel cut oats, on pancakes (see page 50 of this magazine for a yummy breakfast!), and of course, dipped in chocolate
Mangoes - my all time favorite fruit. You can't find them locally grown in Utah, but just know that the ones in the store are at their peak. Try this Mango Salsa!
Passion fruit
Tangerines, tangelos, other mandarin oranges

Also, if you want to see what's locally in season, check out this easy to use map


Emily said...

I love artichokes! I remember buying the most ginormous artichokes when we were headed down to Monterey. This roadside stand had them about the size of my head! So good!

Christina said...

Artichokes intimidate me - how do you prep and cook them?

Savannah said...

Sarah- have you every tried dipping a strawberry in sour cream followed by brown sugar? I just discovered it and it's my all time favorite treat!
Thank you for this list, I was actually just looking for a list for produce in season and this is perfect.

Sarah said...

Savannah - my in-laws love that treat, I thought it sounded so weird, but I LOVE it too! Yum!