December 15, 2010

Finals Time: Brain Foods!

It's finals time. Some of you know someone who is taking finals, or are doing finals yourself. Good luck to all of you! I thought I might list some foods that help boost your brain power. (Disclaimer: I googled my information. I can not verify the accuracy of my information - but healthy foods can never hurt!) Whether you are finishing up finals, or just starting - I know we could all use a little more juice at this time!

Steel Cut Oats - a great medium for many brain foods!

Foods to Help Boost Brain Power:


Amanda said...

How did you know?! :) I'm just on the brink of the busiest week of my whole life (starting tomorrow), and I'm glad you thought of me in my time of need!

Sarah said...

Amanda - good luck! We are just finishing up, so we feel your pain. Good luck on that WWII paper. Yuck!

LauraJayne said...

I wish I would have read this two weeks ago! I'm sure it'll help me next semester!